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Who We are

Set up by two qualified optometrists, who have seen how fogging up of lenses effects vision.

We are based in Birmingham. MyVisionExperts was founded in 2020 by two friends. During the Covid 19 pandemic, they had identified a problem that was not only affecting them, but millions of people all around the globe;facemasks fogging up spectacles.

Thanks to modern technology, dedication, innovation, and the highest quality standards, MyVisionExperts is able to bring you the best possible solutions for your vision problems. We believe we can do more, do it better, and in the process make it more affordable for You!

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We stand up for what we believe in and are focused to solve an array of problems faced by many spectacle wearers.


We believe that our company should be more than just a company, they should have morals and values. We aim to make a difference in people’s everyday life.

Core Values


We believe in operating at a high level of honesty and transparency.


We pride ourselves on our innovative spirit.


To us, reliability means being steadfast and trustworthy.