Anti-fog spray for glasses

Anti-fog spray for glasses


How to use

  • Spray on lens and let it air dry and then wipe
  • avoid contact with eyes
  • keep out of reach of children
  • not suitable for contact lenses
  • suitable for all lens types


30 ml

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Teresa Bates (verified owner)

    This product appears to work. To test, I initially only sprayed the Right lens of my specs. Next time out & about I wore my mask in a shop. Right lens stayed clear but Left lens (untreated) steamed up. It really has helped me when wearing glasses and mask. I was despairing before as ALL masks made me steam up. I had a few questions for the seller, so am adding info below. I am impressed and will be ordering some more as we’ll be wearing masks for a while yet, it seems.

    MyvisionexpertsInstructions :
    Anti fog spray specifically designed for glasses which provides a clear vision with masks and glasses, which prevents glasses from steaming up.
    Will it clean my glasses ? Yes, it has 2 in 1 anti-fog technology which also cleans your lenses, with no smudges and no fog.
    How long will it last for? Can last upto 72 hours, the more layers that are built up on lenses, the more effective the the product is.
    How do I use it? Spray on lens and let it air dry, before wiping with lens cloth thus removing any marks away for best results. For amazing results, spray on lenses before going bed and let it air dry and then wipe any marks away in the morning .
    Is it safe for my glasses with the Anti-Reflective coating? Safe with all lens type including Anti-Reflective coating. Unlike many other anti fog products, ours does not damage lens coating, as our solution is pH Neutral. Not for contact lenses.
    Can spray be used for other windows and mirrors ? Yes, has many other anti-fog uses, but specifically designed for glasses.

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